Alight Motion Effects + Shake Effect Free Download 2023

Alight Motion Effects + Shake Effect Free Download 2023

 Alight Motion Effect Pack, a creative powerhouse and professional tool, sets the stage on fire in the videos to take your video editing experience to the next level and puts an impressive and lasting impact on them. In the app, you can easily use these effects at your fingertips by dragging and dropping on the project timeline.

Further adjustment of other elements, such as colour and speed,  can be done after dragging and dropping the Alight Motion effects on the timeline. Effects are innovative for any videos that elevate your work to a professional level.

Information table of Alight Motion Effects

NameAlight Motion Effects
Supported softwareAlight Motion APP and Adobe After Effect
Number of EffectsMore than 100
Used for Animate the Text and Video
Resources Internet
Price Free  


Alight motion effects presets,  linked in the Alight Motion effects library, are used to produce different visual effects like a light trail, glowing text, and logos. One can do limited things with his imagination. If you want to create a stunning light trail,  our article will help you to complete your task.

If you want to start the project, you have to open the Premier Pro, and under the video transition category, you can find the Alight Motion effect free download. Drag and drop the effects on the video clip and then adjust the effect parameter in the video as needed for the project.

Green Screen

If you want to use the Green Screen in the Alight motion and wonder how it can be, then don’t worry. It is so simple. Firstly, import the video from the gallery in the Alight Motion, then apply the chroma key to remove the greenscreen background of the video.

If you have completed this step, you can use the effect and adjust all elements, including colour, speed, direction, and other settings in the effect control panel. Additionally,  to start the work, Alight Motion Effects presets or preset motion files can be imported.

Create a glow on the video

If you have put the Alight Motion Effect by drag and drop on the timeline of your project, now you can have access to the effect control panel for showing the visibility of the effect envelope. If you want to create a glowing logo, then Alpha channel is recommended to glow the logo as a mask for effect.

Logo photogate is used to create the mask under the properties panel, and in the mask properties window, there is a drop-down menu to select the Alpha channel.

When you preview your video in the preview window, you experience that because of the applied effect, only the white logo glows, and only this part of the video is affected. If you want to change the colour of the light trail effect, click on the Alight effect on the project’s timeline and choose the colour palette in the effect control panel of the Alight Motion.

You can use the light trail effect to glow the text or logo, but these effects can also be used to create other stunning light trail effects in the videos. In the example, we will try to show you how you can create wonderful light trail animation using the effect.

Alight Motion Shake Effect

The Alight Motion shake effect, a seasoned and cutting-edge tool in the Alight Motion effects library, is the best tool for the creator, which is very helpful for producing the impatient visual effect in stunning videos. These are very easy to use, and you can just drag and drop these effects on your timeline of the project in the Alight Motion. 

Further customization of any effect like colour, speed, and other settings is done to get outstanding results. To get the dynamic light trail effect or text animation, simply come to the Download Button and download all the effects free and use them in your videos to take them to the next level.

Shake Effect QR codes
Scan this QR code to download the effect motion

Add Blur Motion

Adding motion blur is a great option for those who want to put extra in their videos, and for applying this effect in your project, simply add a layer and then go to the effect tool control panel. Enable Motion Blur to adjust its settings like speed and colour Direction to get better and amazing results in the videos. In addition, the Alight Motion shake effect helps to create solid animation.

Blur Effects QR code
scan the QR code to Download the Blur Effect

  Alight Motion Presets:

In the Alight Motion app, the Alight Motion presets are helpful for moving the text and logo in the video; even simple and complex movement is not possible without these presets. In this article, we are going to discuss the after-effects feature and Alight Motion presets. Alight Motion has four presets, which are these:

  1. Floating clouds 
  2. Rolling waves
  3. Spiraling Swirls
  4. Shimmering lines

In Alight Motion effects What each preset does and how to use them?

1)Floating clouds) floating clouds preset moves up and down here and there and has a series of circles, and it is considered ideal for a whimsical feel. 

For using the floating cloud preset 

Select text or logo for effect

Tap effect >Alight> floating cloud ( choose one preset here)

You can use the preset by another method  ( create a circular path of animation and then apply the Effect by the method mentioned above).

2)Rolling waves: The wavy lines move up and down when you rotate an object at any angle, and this preset is used to create a dynamic background. You can apply these presets by this method.

Add any text or logo first 

Tap on Effect >Rolling waves( select any one preset here)

There is another method to apply this preset, creating the wavy line animation and then applying the effect on the logo or text that you have created.

3) Spiraling Swirls are a series of rings that move in a spiral way, and it is the best preset for the movement in the background to enhance your text and logo. Follow this method to use this preset.

 Add your text and logo first.

Tap on  Effect < Alight <  Spiraling  Swirl ( select any one preset here)

4)Shimmering Lines) Shimmering Lines presets are a series of lines that move up and down diagonally and are considered great for creating movement in the background. They are used to enhance the logo in the video project of Alight Motion.

Add text or logo ( for applying preset)

Tap on Effect < Alight < shimmering lines ( select any one preset here )

There is another way as well, and you have to create the part of the animation and then apply this effect.

For example, first of all, create a diagonal line animation first and then apply the preset as an effect on the logo and text that you have created and apply the method we have described above.

Project Features

A set of presets for transition is available on the project to make it outstanding. The availability of colour grading adds more beauty to the project. Presets of each effect are available in the project, which makes it advanced   

Where to Download Alight Motion Presets

There are many resources on the internet to download the Alight Motion presets, and these can be accessed easily. All presets are available that can help you to create movie status by using photographs of your own.

How to use Alight Motion Presets in Alight Motion Effects

If you want to use the Alight Motion project on your mobile then you have to download this application on your mobile first. If you have downloaded it, then you have to install it. After downloading and installing the application on your mobile, simply open the app on the mobile, import Alight Motion, and import the preset and effect.

Alight motion shake effect download

Download the Alight Motion shake effect without a watermark, and you can download the Alight Motion video effect pack free of cost on our site.

 Alight Motion Effects free download for video

If you are interested in the free download video effect then we have the link for you to download it. The link is working properly, and you can download the file of the video effect and enjoy the video editing by using the effect to make your video professional and to the next level. 

How to create Alight motion effects

Pros and cons


  • Alight Motion effect can be downloaded easily from many resources.
  • Alight Motion effects are easy to use to animate the text and logo. 
  • Alight Motion effects can be imported and exported on the PC and Mobile.
  • These are not heavy in size and don’t disturb the app working smoothly.


  • These effects can not be used in the videos.
  • Some unique Effects are not free.


Effects of Alight Motion can be added easily. In the application, just go to the effect control tab and add effects there.

With the passage of time new effects are added in the Alight Motion it is not possible to tell the right number, however, 40 new effects are increased in the Alight Motion 2.0. More than 100 can be found in the Alight motion app and because of these effects, you can animate the text and logo individually and easily

If you want to animate the text then follow it [ Go to layer > click on New> Group with the current Layer, put your text in the selected group, and now go to the animation > add the motion preset there and then apply it. The text will animate with the animation that you selected.

To make the look of the text 3D, you will have to add the bevel and emboss effect. Go to the layer > New > Effect >Stylize > Bevel & Emboss. Now you can further adjust its settings like color, and speed to make it better.

Actually presets are developed only for the animation of text and logos and they can not be used for the videos.

Click on the File of animation > click Export > select the setting according to your desire and let the rendered video export the animation.

Adobe After Effects is used for Alight Motion Presets, if you don’t have this software then a free trial of the preset can be downloaded from Adobe’s Website

Alight Motion was initially developed for Android and later on, it was also launched for iOS. You can also use it on your PC with the help of BlueStack Emulator.

Yes, it is good news for the user that he can use the preset of Alight Motion in Adobe After Effects.

In the Aight Motion, presets are saved in the presets–ffx folder. For instance, the Directory will be like C:\program files\Mettle\Alight Motion Presets on Windows.

Yes, by installing the Bluestack emulator you can run Alight Motion Application on the PC, Laptop, and Mac.

There are more than a hundred free effects that can be used in the videos to make them professional.

Adobe After Effects is the PC software that is more powerful than Alight Motion and it is more advanced than its competitors and considered NO1 in the field of Motion Graphics. It is more costly than Alight  Motion and Final Cut Pro.

  • VLLO
  • WeVideo
  • Alight Motion
  • KineMaster
  • Splice
  • Videoleap
  • CapCut
  • InShot
  • Vimeo Create 
  • Native Editing

Many Apps are available for editing videos and different apps have different unique features that the others don’t have, For example, if you want to create graphic motion and animation for your stunning videos then Alight Motion mod apk is the best app for you.


Alight Motion Effects play a very important role in creating a professional look in your video, and the video loses its charm without motion effects. Text and Logo animation adds a more dynamic look to the video. Alight Motion Free Effect downloads a very easy program to add the preset to the animation of the text and logo.

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