How To Remove the  Watermark On Alight Motion 2023 (Easy and Verified Steps)

Remove Watermark On Light Motion

Alight Motion, one of the best video editing applications is a professional and favourite app of people far and wide that has crossed 100M downloads on the Play is used to create stunning videos, graphic motion, and video animation by hook or by crook.

Alight Motion apk has 2 types, free and premium, although the free version has interesting tools for editing the videos, there is fly in ointment  as well. However, the premium version enables you to access all features to create amazing and cool videos without limitation of any feature that helps you to create work on a whole new level.

Now after exporting the project in different high qualities like MP4, Alight Motion puts a watermark in the video that is a real thorn in the side of video creators. To remove the watermark in your videos, we are going to provide you with the details of “how to remove the watermark in Alight Motion”. Let’s chew the fat about it.

 Information About the Latest Version of Alight Motion

App Name Alight Motion 
Latest Version5.0.113.10
Apk size141 MB
License Free 
Developer Alight Creative, Inc

Why does the watermark show in Alight Motion?

Watermark, which typically appears in the videos, is a logo that shows the ownership of the app and is used to advertise the app or brand for subscription with a current package of 7 days and 12 months duration. In addition,  some interesting features are also locked to attract the user to buy the app because the paid app, watermark free, provides all features and tools.

  How to  Remove Watermark On Alight Motion?

There are countless ways floating around the internet to remove the watermark in the video and most of them do not work properly. One Lands in Hot Water In this situation, but don’t worry, we are going to shed light on 2 methods and by following them you can remove the watermark from your videos easily.

1st Method: How to Remove Watermark by Third-Party App

The first method, the most straightforward, is used to remove the watermark in the videos by the use of a third-party app and now we are going to implement it. Follow the steps that are given below.

  • Open the Alight Motion app on your smartphone and edit your video.
  • Import images, apply effects and transitions, fonts, etc.
  • Check everything in the project and make sure all arrangements of layers are ok.
  • Preview the video in the video editor to check the details.
  •  Export the video in the best quality format and MP4 is recommended.
  • Go to the Play Store, Download and install the In-shot app.
  • Open the In-shot app and select the video which has a watermark, The Inshot app gives you the free option to remove the watermark in any video.
  • Execute the video in it and wait for a moment.
  • Excellent!  The watermark of Alight motion is no longer in your video.

 2nd Method: How to Remove Watermark by Alight Motion MOD Version

It’s a piece of cake to remove the watermark in the video. In this method, simply search “Alight motion 3.7.0 Mod Apk” in your smartphone browser and download it. After downloading and installing the app, open and edit your videos. The modded version of Alight Motion mod apk 3.7.0  has an integrated watermark remover.

Additionally, you can get more premium features and tools in the modded version. some modded features in the Alight Motion mod apk are 👍

  • No watermark appears after exporting the video
  • Subscription Is not required.
  • A lot of interesting features are Unlocked 
  • No limit to tool utilization

Pros and Cons

Till now we discussed How to Remove Watermark in  Alight Motion. You can say that again this modded app works like the Original app, however, the dark and bright aspects of this app can not be ignored.

Pros Cons 
built-in watermark remover.Features can not be updated
simple and easy to useSometimes exporting may take a long time.
Unlimited everything in the app.Errors may show during the editing
Interface is user-friendly. 
All features are unlocked


We have explained the two methods to remove the watermark in the video and the most convenient method is working on Alight Motion mod APK which has a built-in watermark remover.

Not at all, video quality will not be changed if you remove the watermark in a third-party app like in-shot.

use the modded versions of the Alight Motion mod apk so you do not need to use the third-party app for watermark removal this is a simple and convenient method.

Focus on your task if you want to create stunning videos, graphic vectors, and animation then obviously Alight Motion is a single app for you because still, no other app is available for video animation yet.

yes, Alight Motion mod apk is available for Ios and can be downloaded from our site

it is so easy to use the Alight Motion mod apk on the laptop. you will have to install third-party software like Bluestack on your laptop then you can download and install all versions of Alight Motion Mod apk.


Alight Motion is the 1st app that provides all the tools and features for creating stunning videos and animation as right as rain on the smartphone but it puts a watermark in the video after exporting, it ends up bothering someone and we have discussed briefly how to remove the watermark in the Alight Motion App.

The modded version not only removes the watermark but there are premium features at no cost as well. In the Alight Motion Mod apk, You don’t need to buy a subscription for the tools and everything is unlimited and free of cost. if you still have not downloaded this app don’t miss the boat, download and install it to enjoy the watermark-free videos. 

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