How to do Transitions Effects on Alight Motion [Easy Guide 2023]

Transition Effects

Videos are the most consumed content on the internet, people are crazy about making eye-catching video content that is impossible without any additional work on the video on the video editor. Alight Motion is one of the most used and best app on the Play Store to edit your videos professionally to engage your followers more.

The use of transition in the Alight Motion video can be produced not only attractive but it entertains its is a piece of cake whether you are a beginner or an expert. Don’t worry about how to use the Alight Motion Transition, we are here to guide you

In our article, we have prepared a list of procedures that is easy to follow and not difficult to practice for anyone and may be very helpful in creating very interesting video 

 Information about the transition effect 

Application Name Alight Motion
Feature NameTransition effects
Number of transition Effects 100 plus
Supported app versionAll versions support
Applied on Images and videos

 What are Transition Effects?

Transition effects are used in the video to make it interesting, cool, and eye-catching so that it may engage the viewers for the maximum time to watch this video. Transition effects including moving, smoothing, and transforming into the others to make the scene interesting are used in this app.

Transition In Alight Motion

Alight Motion is used in a wide range by video editors to edit the video and create new animation. If you are already using the Alight Motion then you are familiar with its features and upcoming change.  The video editors create a professional video project by using special effects that are known as transition.

They use these effects to improve the quality of different footage in the video. If you want to create a professional and amazing video, you can apply these effects in your video to make it more interesting and attractive. If you want to use Alight Motion without a watermark then you can download it here from our site.

 How to do a transition on an Alight Motion app?

  • Employing smooth movement between the two states is a simple technique that is very easy for everyone. For the proper transition of the footage in your video, follow our instructions step by step which are given below.
  • Before starting the process, in the first stage,  add images in the Alight Motion.
  •  Now open the Alight Motion App that is installed on your Android divide and tap on the “ Add media” button.
  • Adding the transition on each image, select the image individually, and now navigate the Menu to “Transition” Choose your desired transition and apply it. Repeat these steps for each image.
  • Now animate the video and watch whether there is a need for modification in the video before exporting.
  • You can modify the setting of transitions in each image, watch it multiple times and try to do your best before exporting for the video.

Finally, Alight Motion has created a stunning transition with easy steps in just a few minutes.

How to apply Smooth transition in the Alight Motion

Smooth transitions are the most used transitions in the Alight Motion. Every Video creator uses it to create the video for the next level. These transitions can be applied by following the given simple steps.

  • Launch the Alight Motion App that is installed on your Android device  and click on the +icon after selecting your desired ratio tap on the “ Create project”
  • Now again tap the + icon to add the video or image which you want to edit to make it more attractive and cool.
  •  you can also choose the background and change it accordingly and if you want, you can customize the further setting.
  • In short, after selecting the images or videos you can apply the effect and lens blur.
  •   Select the curvature value and adjust the swing frequency up to 42.
  • Now tap save and after this, you can preview the video.

 Congratulations! You have created the video in Alight Motion with a smooth transition successfully.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons 
Transition effects are easy to use for beginners and for experts as well.The used images may lose originality in the video when the effect is applied.
Transitions don’t make the app heavy.Some simple transition effects create boredom for the viewer of the video
Implementation of videos and images is very easy
Give an amazing look to the videos


There are 100 plus transition effects in the Alight Motion and you can use them in your project  to make your videos more interesting

Fade is the type of transition that is used to create a slow transition from one image to the other and change the colour from black to the other in the project.

As we know there are more than 100 transitions in the Alight Motion, now it depends on you how many transitions are required in your project to make it wonderful.

on the Laptop, first, you will install a third-party app like Blue Stack and then all versions can be installed on the Laptop easily.

yes, you can use Alight Motion mod apk on the IOS, we have Alight Motion for IOS on our site, follow the steps, install this wonderful app on IOS and enjoy.


The number of video editing apps is growing fast day by day and the question arises which is the best video editing app? So the simple answer is that the app which has advanced tools according to your requirements is the best for you and Alight Motion fulfills your requirements and the best video editing for you.

Alight Motion, state of art app is a single app for making video animation on the smartphone and has a lot of transition effects for creating professional is used by a lot of video editors who make their videos stunning and cool by using its different tools and features.

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